News from the Woodshed October 2016

The year is nearing its end and that means a lot of activity here at the Woodshed.  Business customers are sending in items to be laser engraved for Christmas events and ordering awards for their end of the year presentations.  Schools are requesting information for fundraising assistance, and of course, we have our normal retail and commercial traffic.

The biggest items this year on everyone's Christmas list is, of course, the stainless steel tumblers.  Our SIC cups are flying off the shelves and it's only going to get more hectic.  The word is spreading about how well these cups work and the rainbow of powder coated colors they are available in.  I expect this to be our number one item throughout the holiday season.

We are hosting a fund raiser for Frenship High School, my own Alma Mater and my son's as well.  We still have kids in the family attending Frenship and more that are about to start.  Frenship has always been a huge part of our lives and we are honored to sponsor them with specially created SIC tumblers.  You can see them at


Remember everyone, Christmas is just around the corner and things are going to be busier than ever here.  The best ways to insure that you get your gifts ready on time is to order early, know what you want when you come in to place your order and, of course, it's always a little bit faster if you purchase directly from us.

Don't forget trick or treating is happening at KK's Corner Mall next door, just like every year.  Bring the family out for some Halloween fun.  We will be here handing out treats with the family.

Good luck this season and we hope to see you soon!


Jerry Moriearty

Woodshed Gifts

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