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Engraving for Construction?

When most people think of engraving, they think of gifts and jewelry.  Some people even think of signage and name badges.  The one area they never seem to think of is construction.  Often, building codes or government policies will require that components installed be permanently marked.  Historically, this has created a substantial amount of extra planning and expense for contractors, especially if there is no laser service locally that can do the job for them.  Quite often, contractors will find themselves forced to ship off components to have them marked, pay per piece set up fees, and shipping both directions, and be at the mercy of another entity's time schedule.
One example of this, is the electrical field.  State agencies and medical facilities often require the circuit number for every outlet and switch to be engraved permanently on every switch plate and outlet cover, not to mention labeling for panels and boxes.  One of my friends was shipping them off for jobs, paying $5 per switch plate and for shipping both directions until he though of using our services.
This made his job more expensive to complete and also interfered with his time schedule for completion.  Since he discovered that we can do it locally, many electrical contractors have been coming to us for this service.  Our pricing is 50-80% less than they were paying, plus there was no shipping and their orders are generally ready for them the next day.
We do our best to help local contractors get everything done locally that they can, to make it affordable, and to make it convenient for them.  For out of town contractors, we will still strive to save you money, though you will still have to pay for round trip shipping.  We will also do our best to get your orders back in the same timely fashion as we do for our local contractors.  
Call us for a custom quote on your specific needs.
Woodshed Gifts
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