Looking Towards Summer

Our business is very event oriented.  Glasses for weddings, engraving for events, photos for remembrance, and gifts for all kinds of occasions.  Our season slows down to a crawl after June every year.  Father's day is past, wedding season is over, and it's vacation time.  Honestly, if people fully realized all we do, this wouldn't be the case and here is why...

With dye sublimation, we can make some VERY cool items for special summer parties.  We can do custom flip flops, custom coozies, t-shirts, and we even stock some AMAZING grill sets.  Our cutting boards are some of the finest made in the U.S. and we can even do custom boards for your grill competitions.  Summer is also remodeling season.  We have helped with projects from vinyl cutting for wall and window decorations to engraving glass for a refinished china hutch.  

We also custom cut items from 1/8" MDF, a composite, engineered wood similar to plywood, but easier to paint and less prone to warping.  We do everything from cut out names 2' long to monograms, crosses, and even decor to glue on a refinishing project (like baby blocks for the face of a dresser).  In addition to MDF, we can also laser cut 1/8" acrylic.

Last of all, summer is a great time to work on your marketing strategy for fall.  We have a wide array of promotional items to fit the bill.  Coozies, name badges, cups, knives, golf markers, divott tools, glasses, pens.....the list goes on and on.  Pick some items that customers will use a lot through the summer to keep yourself fresh in their minds.  The rewards of summer marketing are incredible and the ROI for promotional items, when chosen correctly, are the highest in the advertising industry.

Stop by our physical location when you have a chance.  Take a look around and feel free to ask for some advice.  We would love to help you out!

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